Hubbyment 3D filament spools in many colors
The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested – string diameter, color consistency, and mechanical properties – we are sure that every spool is perfect.
Our team believe the diameter industry standard of 0.05 mm tolerance isn’t sufficient and we guarantee ±0.02mm precision for the vast majority of materials.
Made from natural renewable resources such as corn starch, sugar cane and others.
1.75mm and 2.85mm

The best choice for hobby printing.

The first filament for 3D printing produced in Macedonia has arrived!
We are especially proud to present “Hubbyment” line of premium filaments.

We started with the most sought after and most common material for 3D printing PLA filament. Here we use top materials and colors for its production. As a base material, we use NatureWorks brand PLA granules, and for coloring we use GRAFE masterbatches.


PLA is easier and faster to process under the same initial conditions of ABS, but its products are significantly less resistant to higher temperatures (it starts to soften around 60 ºC, while ABS up to 90 ºC). So if you expect higher temperatures for the final product, then ABS is a better choice. ABS prints are mostly matte, PLA prints are rather glossy. Hubbyment PLA material is biodegradable, while ABS material is not, but can be recycled. This is more suitable for use in the food industry (*without certification, as the certification, would lose its validity the moment the filament passes through the nozzle).

We have created a unique and modern color palette for each of your ideas

Hubbyment PLA Catalogue

Download the catalog and get acquainted with the features of Hubbyment, choose which color you like the most or need for your project and print something amazing