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Kimya 3D Filament ABS Carbon 2.85mm 500g
Цена: 3800 ден.

The ABS-Carbon is a hi-tech product, developed in order to meet exacting industrial demands. It is emanating from traditional ABS, reinforced with carbon fibers, and modified to enhance the print properties and notably to reduce warping.

ABS-Carbon offers enhanced inter-layer adhesion with improved mechanical properties, and notably better traction resistance. The ABS-Carbon does not delaminate and produces little warping compared to ABS. Parts that are 3D printed using this filament are lighter and less fragile than those printed with classic ABS.

It offers high impact resistance and an attractive finish.

Intended more for applications such as prototyping, architecture, or design, the ABS-Carbon is better suited to industrial use. It is mainly used in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, medical, defense, and maintenance & repair.


No shrinkage
Better tensile modulus than abs
Better interlayer adhesion
Lightweight objects


Print speed : 50 mm/s
Extrusion temperature: 260°c
Platform temperature: 100°