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Ultimaker S5 Materials station
Цена: 169.120 ден.

Ultimaker S5 Material Station is an innovative and highly efficient filament storage and loading solution specifically designed to work with the Ultimaker S5 printer.

Features and main functions:

• Quick and easy loading: The material station is designed with front opening and 6 cells for placing materials, reducing the loading time to a few seconds
• Continuous printing and automatic switching: The sensors built into the station accurately detect the time of depletion of used material and automatically load the next reel.
• Humidity control: Intelligent control with special sensors maintains a constant relative humidity below 40%
• Easy setup and monitoring: NFC sensor in each cell for automatic material recognition and seamless integration with Ultimaker software.
• Compatible composite materials: Create components and products with high strength and unique characteristics
• Unlimited combinations: Keep the materials you use most often (from Ultimaker or from other manufacturers) always ready to print whenever you want.