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Create products that stand out from your competitors. Bring us on board early, and we'll deliver success to your process.

We focus on all of the benefits gained from owning and using a product.

That means creating products that function correctly, look and feel great to the customer and benefit the user at the subconscious level. This means meeting the emotional needs that the product provides.

We take time to understand your company, customers and design objectives. Then we design products that your customers love to use. All while aligning with your brand, company purpose and why.

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Users of your items are becoming more environmentally aware every day. Consumers know that turning on a tap, switching on a light or driving a certain car has a wider impact.

At the industrial level, companies have environmental targets and commitments. Things like energy usage, waste and product longevity are becoming increasingly important.

Our product designers work closely with design engineers to integrate aesthetics with engineering to serve these educated consumers and meet industrial targets.

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At 3D Hub, our product design approach comes down to three areas:



Design requirements must be evaluated and prioritised from the start. The product’s stage in the consumer cycle, your market position and consumer expectations all affect design. This is where the Priority RocketTM process comes into play. Learn more on this below.


Post Processing

Poor product definition is a factor in 80% of all time-to- market delays. We work hard to define your exact needs and ensure your project is completed by deadline.


Build the Cad

At 3D Hub, we have a unique approach; we believe to get the best out of the product design process you need to match the right designer to the type of product, at the ideal design stage. To ensure the best results, in some cases, this might mean we bring in one of our preferred designers to assist with the styling work once the product requirements have been defined.

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