Mechanical Design

At 3D Hub, we are experts at taking ideas on the journey from specification all the way through to final marketplace delivery, and all areas in between.

We conceptualise the interlocking parts that make up a product and then draft them using Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools.

Our experience in mechanical design ensures that relevant aspects are considered in the design process.

You can, therefore, rest assured that all areas are covered and focus on the ultimate delivery of your project.

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Mechanical design is based on the physical components that make up a product. There are many aspects that are critical to consider in ensuring the overall profitability of a project. These include areas such as the size and shape of components, the selection of suitable materials plus appropriate manufacturing and assembly methods.

In a truly assessed project, a whole host of factors must be considered. This includes production volumes that could affect economies of scale, environmental factors and obligations, applied loads, the speed of movement, cost and even statutory regulations.

Our experience in mechanical design projects means that we are able to take into account all of these relevant factors, to deliver a solution that suits your business, current situation and goals.

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